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Bonnie Van Den Handel

Mixed media artist with a passion for every thing art!

 Born on the beautiful Island of St. Maarten in the Dutch Caribbean, Bonnie has been a colorful artist her entire life. She brings the palette of the Caribbean to all mediums. Currently residing in Lady Lake, Florida, she has been focusing on the latest craze of mixed media arts and art journaling.

 She trained in the fine arts at Middle Tennessee State University, where she also studied art education and instruction. While experienced in traditional mediums like painting, sculpture, and book arts, she has been specializing in mixed media, art journaling, and scrapbooking. Using social media like YouTube and Pinterest, Bonnie has been keeping up with the latest hot new products, techniques, and trends in the mixed media universe, which has been rapidly gaining popularity. With her finger on the pulse of the mixed media movement, each idea and project presented is fresh and exciting.

Classes with Bonnie will be energetic, informative, creative, and most importantly fun. By merging knowledge in classical art techniques, latest mixed media trends, and a background in education, you will be guaranteed to learn, laugh, and go home with something beautiful.

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