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During one of my classes I created this page.  The purpose of the class (Relax and Art Journal) was to introduce my students to the products that are often used in art journaling. Many of my students where new to the art journaling movement, and where afraid of doing the wrong thing. They felt that their art was not good enough. So I told them that ” The artist is their own worst critic”. Meaning we are all to harsh on ourselves about the art that we make. Everyone makes mistakes, but we learn form them. As artist we have to overcome our fears of not being perfect. If we where all perfect there would be no interesting art… Art would all be structured and plane. SO don’t be afraid to add color, layers, or add or take away form something you like thats already there.

Make happy mistakes!  Mistakes make art interesting!


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2 thoughts on “Art Journaling

    • Hey Lori,

      I am very excited that you are thinking about coming or you are coming to my cheeky chicks class!
      I had a wonderful time hanging out with you this weekend at the retreat, and getting to know you better. It was so much fun! Im thinking about attending the next one in August. Its just such a great atmosphere to be.

      I taught my 2nd Botanical Tea class today at She, and it went very well. I had 3 students and their books all came out beautifully! So I am so excited, but I am very sad that I keep forgetting to take pictures of you all while in the process of making you book. As well as what your book looks like before you leave class.
      Would you be so kind, to send a picture of yourself with your book before and after you finished. If it would be alright may I post it to my Facebook artist page ? Pictures may be posted as well to the She Scrapbooks page.

      What I will like to have is a documented list of all my classes and students I teach, and give all of my students recognition for all their hard work!

      So with that said, I look forward in seeing you soon.

      With love,

      Bonnie VDH

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